The BeanoMAX is a monthly British comic published by D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. It is a spin-off of the UK comic, The Beano. Each issue has 44 pages and costs £3.50. The first issue was published on February 15, 2007 and was a Comic Relief special.


Most of the strips in BeanoMAX also star in the weekly Beano. However, some of these started in the weekly, and also starred in BeanoMAX, but ended up being removed from the weekly (still showing sometimes, but only once every few months) and carrying on in the 'MAX, for example, the Neds. There are now only two original strips in the monthly comic which have never appeared in the Beano.
A list of strips:

[edit] Current Strips

  • Beano Allstars! *
  • Spotty Check *
  • Wallace & Gromit *
  • Mini Mega Comic *
  • Evil Edgar *
  • Kick-A** Koalas *
  • Doctor Beastly *
  • Freddie Fear
  • As well as others, such as Dennis the Menace and Super School.

[edit] Occasional appearances

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