Bash Street Kids - Singled Out is a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano. It first appeared in issue 3226, dated 15 May 2004, and is drawn by Mike Pearse.

Based on The Bash Street Kids, Singled Out focuses on one character each week and builds a one page story around them. The first strip was about Fatty.

Although the title specifically mentions the kids, the strip sometimes focuses on staff members. Mike Pearse has also included other Beano faces in his strips such as Dennis the Menace, Bea and The Three Bears.

Pearse drew the strip until mid-2007, when the job was given to Tom Paterson, giving the strip an overhaul. David Sutherland also drew a single strip when both Pearse and Paterson were indisposed. Paterson's trademark background images, such as the randomly-positioned socks, are often included. The bottom left-hand corner of the page no longer shows which character the strip is focused on. Instead, it's mentioned in the header.