Bea the Mini-Menace
Biographical Information
Full Name Beatrice Menace
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 1
Relatives Catherine Menace (grandmother)
Dennis Menace Sr. (father)
Sandra Menace (mother)
Dennis the Menace (brother)
Production Information
First appearance The Beano #2931 (19 September 1998)
Voiced by Teresa Gallagher (UK)
Andrea Libman (US)

Beatrice, nicknamed Bea, is a character in Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. She is Dennis' baby sister.


Bea has fair skin, short spiky black hair held in a short ponytail, and black eyes. She also wears a yellow and black one-piece with a yellow hair band to match.


Like her brother Dennis, she is also mischievous. She is considered to be a "menace in training", and usually "menaces" people by causing big farts. One strip showed her re-using her old pram as a racecar to race against Dennis.

Dennis is also very protective of her and does not approve of people harming her.


In 1998, strange things were happening to Dennis' parents. When they didn't tell Dennis why, he refused to be in the Beano. During that time, other Beano characters took his place, until Dennis returned, revealing a shocking announcement: his mom had a baby.

Later, the family was thinking what name the baby should have. Dennis then came up with one... Bea, short for Beatrice.


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