Full Name Crispin Lee Shepherd
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Auburn/Blond


Curly in the older series (1996)


Curly in the newer series (2009)

Curly is one of Dennis the Menace's best friends (along with Pie-Face), and is so called because of his curly hair. His real name is Crispin. He also mentions having a little brother called Spikey who was caught on Bath Night and by tomorrow had changed forever.

Appearance Edit

He has blonde curly hair, a yellow shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes.

Facts Edit

In the Dennis the Menace television series, Curly was voiced by Jill Lidstone and Richard Ian Cox in the US.

Curly was replaced by Rubi Von Screwtop or JJ in 2016/17.

Who knows what happened to him and will he ever make a suprise appwarence?