Dennis Menace sr
Dennis's Dad (2013)
Dennis' dad, in the 2013 series.
Full Name Dennis Menace
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age In his 40's
Relatives Mum (wife)
Dennis (son)
Bea (daughter)
Granny (mother)
First appearance The Beano #452 (17th March 1951)
Voiced by John Baddeley (1996)
Rob Rackstraw (2009)
Chris Johnson (2013)

Dennis Menace sr[1], also known as Dennis's Dad, is the father of Dennis the Menace. He is the longest-running dad in the Beano comic and appeared with his son in the first ever Dennis the Menace strip in 1951. He now looks a lot like his son after receiving the parental makeover from Gok Wan in 2012.

Dennis's dad, like the other dads, along with Plug's dad, Spotty's dad and Minnie's dad, used to punish his son with the slipper, but this has since been phased out. He is married to Dennis's mum.

In the animated series he has been voiced by: John Baddeley (1996), Rob Rackstraw (2009) and Chris Johnson (2013).

In the recent strips, he ran for mayor of Beanotown, but lost to Wilbur Brown, Walter's dad.

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He was originally bald, had a small mustache and wore a suit and tie. After Gok Wan's makeover, he now has spiky hair like his son, and wears a red and black polo shirt, grey trousers and red and white trainers.

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