Dennis and Gnasher in The Snowman Army is the 6th episode in Season 1

Plot Edit

Godfrey pays attention to the soldiers, simply Dennis and Plug go marching with Gnasher moving the sled with four snowman, although Danny, Spotty, Sally, Conrad, Ken Bahn, Minnie, Erbert, Wilfred, Smiffy, Sidney, Toots and Fatty arrive. Walter arrives with a sweet little snow teddy on his sled, Dennis pushes the swing and the snowman lands on him. Unfortunately, Dennis and Gnasher will put Walter out and Sally rescues him as they can watch three Fatty Fudges, Fatty Fudge and his son go roller skating while Godfrey catches them with a net.

Parky arrives at Bash Street School and he tells the Bash Street Kids to get the snowman down, Dennis pushes the snowman in the slide and it falls onto him. Suddenly, Parky tells Mrs. Blakeningsop how to get to her car while Walter and Sally can wait to stop the car. Dennis and Gnasher came out of the jungle gym onto the see-saw and a snowman was flying to the roof of Bash Street School and it lands on the soldiers.

Godfrey tells the soldiers how to shake, Sally loves Spotty then a canon comes by then the soldiers shoot the snowballs where all the Bash Street Kids and Gnasher throw them.


  • Dennis the Menace
  • Gnasher
  • Conrad
  • Sally
  • Danny
  • Erbert
  • Fatty
  • Plug
  • Sidney
  • Smiffy
  • Spotty
  • Toots
  • Wilfred
  • Minnie the Minx
  • Ken Bahn
  • Walter the Softie
  • Parky
  • Godfrey
  • Soldiers
  • Mrs. Blakeningsop
  • Fatty Fudge
  • Boy
  • Fatty Fudge (Red version)
  • Fatty Fudge (Yellow version)
  • Fatty Fudge (Blue version)