Dennis the Menace is the main character of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, and the main star of The Beano.

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He mainly has black spiky hair, wears a black-and-red-striped jumper, black shorts, red socks and grey trainers.

For his appearance over the years, see Dennis the Menace Through the Years.

Personality Edit

Dennis is a trouble-making 10-year-old kid who loves making mischief and, as his name implies, is considered a menace by everyone. His weapons of choice are a catapult, a peashooter or a water pistol.

He lives in Beanotown, and owns an Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe Hound named Gnasher.

Apart from Gnasher, he has been seen owning other pets, namely Rasher (a pig), Splasher (a fish) and Dasher (a spider). He once bought a snake called Hisser. His best friends are Curly and Pie-Face, who most of the time are in the strip. His arch-enemy is Walter the Softy, whom he delights in tormenting. This, however, had changed in the 2009 TV series.

Despite his naughty nature, Dennis has shown to be heroic sometimes: in the recent comics, he even saved Beanotown from boredom and softness after Walter's Dad became the mayor.[1]

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