Dennis the Menace and Gnasher - Pink Glove is the 2nd episode in the Beano Video.


Dennis and Gnasher are charging at the house. Unfortunately, the narrator says that there's a bath full of sweet smelling water and a bucket full of rose petals outside his door. The Pink Glove makes his escape where Dennis says that he's not going to let any softie pink glove get the better of him, he tells Rasher about the heartless thing as tidying up his sty.

Meanwhile, Dennis winds up the boxing glove and he says that his soft-field mitten will sort it out, he winds up the boxing glove again and it zooms through the door of the shop with the Pink Glove's horse. Gnasher smells some perfume while Rasher kisses him. Suddenly, Dennis, Gnasher and Rasher got the Pink Glove.

Dennis holds his teddy bear but a man does not know he liked hugging teddies. Dennis snores in bed and Gnasher hits the lights on. The suspects that are: Walter the Softy, Bertie Blenkinsop and Spotty Perkins. Dennis and Gnasher went to the ice factory to get the ice. They have to do is wait until the Softies return since they hang out with each other. The Pink Glove says that he's locking in Dennis at the Wendy house.

The Softies return to their Wendy house, but they still have guests hanging out with them. Walter says that Bertie's got his camera ready, Dennis and Gnasher were very cold. Dennis is just reading this to get an idea to trap the Pink Glove, when Gnasher rounds Walter, Bertie and Spotty up, but the paper chain was too tough for them to break. Dennis says that none of them is the pink glove and he tells them to do as bait for his menace trap.

Dennis and Gnasher get the stick and string to get the Pink Glove out. The Narrator tells the viewers who they think the Pink Glove is. The Pink Glove takes his mask off and it was Walter's Mum, she says that she did it to get back at Dennis for the all the rough horrid treatments he had been giving Walter all these years.



For the episode transcript, see Dennis the Menace and Gnasher - Pink Glove Transcript.

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