Scene: Dennis' house. Dennis kicks the door of his room.

Dennis: It's a great day for menacing! Come on, Gnasher! Charge! (both run to the front door)

Adolf Hitler: (off-screen) Oh no! What dastardly deed looks on Dennis's door step? (sniffing) Poo! A bath full of sweet smelling water and a bucket full of rose petals!

Dennis: (runs by) Ow! (falls into the water and all the rose petals fall too)

Pink Glove: (Laughing) Beware the Pink Glove! (Laughing, zooms past, The pink glove falls down)

Dennis: Bah! I'm not gonna let any softie Pink Glove get the better of me. (Rasher appears and knocks Dennis over, dancing to the instrumental of "Old MacDonald had a Farm". He seems nervous) What's up, Rasher? (Rasher zooms away)

(The three go to Rasher's sty, which has been decorated with flowers)

Dennis: Wow! Who would have done such a heartless thing as tidying up your sty? (Rasher disappears and shows him a pink glove) That's it! I'll fix this softy... with a glove of my own!

Rasher: Oink!

Dennis: (winds the blue glove) My soft-field mitten will sort it out.

Scene: Near a store. Dennis, Gnasher and Rasher wait for the Pink Glove, with Fatty Fudge and his son walking on the sidewalk.

Dennis: There's his horse! Yeah, He's in for it now. (winds the blue glove and throws it at the store, but it bounces back and hits him) How did that happen?

Pink Glove: (Laughing)

Dennis: (sees the Pink Glove escaping) The Pink Glove. Grrr! Go on, Gnasher, sniff him out! (He and Gnasher zoom past)

Gnasher: (laughs, starts to follow the Pink Glove's scent. He smells some perfume and stops)

Dennis: Oh, yuck! Too strong of perfume pong for a menacing mutt! Rasher!

(Rasher kisses Gnasher and awakens him)

Dennis: (laughing) Rasher's kiss of life would revive anyone. (sees the Pink Glove) Grrr! There he is, the Pink Glove.

(Dennis, Gnasher and Rasher go and attack him)

Dennis: Grrr! There! Gotcha! (unmasks the Pink Glove, but sees a teddy bear instead) Ughhh! A trick!

Katzenberger: (walks with his family, chuckles) Oh Ho, I didn't know Dennis liked hugging teddies! (Laughing)

Dennis: He's in for it when I catch him! Making a softie out of me!

Pink Glove: (Laughing)

Scene: Dennis' house. Dennis is sleeping, thinking about the Pink Glove.

Dennis: ZZZZ... The Pink Glove... Grrr... Making me look a softie... ZZZZ... I have to catch him. (wakes up) Ah! Hit the lights, Gnasher! (Gnasher turns the lights on) I've got a jolly good idea who sneaked in into this... The Pink Glove.

Scene: Dennis' house. Dennis shows Gnasher the possible suspects.

Dennis: Right. Here are the suspects: Softy Walter, Bertie Blenkinsop and Spotty Perkins.

Scene: The ice factory.

Narrator: At the ice factory...

Dennis: (gets a big ice cube and rides on it) And now, to flush out the Pink Glove (Mr. Zakinski and Medroom zoom by) by putting my master plan into action! Yahoo! Straight into the Softie's chalet, Gnasher! They'll have to put gloves on to push the ice back out. All we have to do is wait until they come back from Dean-Deans, and we'll grab the one wearing those fancy pink gloves! Yeah! What a plan!

Pink Glove: Hee hee hee! I'm locking in Dennis to you cool off! (laughing)

Dennis: There he is, Gnasher! Let's get him! (They try to open the door, but it's locked) It's useless, Gnasher! We've been trapped by the Pink Glove!

Scene: The Softies return to their home, singing.

Walter: Come along, fellow softies. We've got some rather fetching needlepoint to do. Cool! It appears we have guests, chums!

Chums: Oh, I say!

Scene: The Softy House. Dennis and Gnasher freeze very cold.

Walter: (laughing) Get your camera ready, Bertie. We must capture this moment forever.

Dennis: Pink Glove? Uh... But Where? (Gnasher hands him a book) Me, soft? Never! I was just reading this to get an idea to trap the Pink Glove!

Scene: Outside the Softy House. Dennis and Gnasher, hidden in a bush, see the Softies prancing.

Dennis: Ah, ha! Here they come now! Ready, Gnasher!

Gnasher: Gnash!

Dennis: Go! Round them up, Gnasher

Walter: Oh, please! This paper chain is too tough for us to break!

Dennis: (Laughing) Just like Prince Softie Charming! Whoever this fits must be the Pink Glove. (Dennis puts on the glove on Walter's hand, but falls.) Hmm, all too small! That means that none of you is the Pink Glove!

Walter: Can we go then, Dennis?

Dennis: No! You'll do as bait for my Menace Trap! Yeah!

Walter: Wagh, how horrid! (Worried)

Pink Glove: Hark! I hear the distant whimper of softies in dire need of rescue! Tally ho! (goes to the softies' house) Ah ha! Silly Dennis! Thinking that I'd fall to that old trap! Alley-oop! Ahhh! (falls into another hole)

Dennis: Ha-ha! I like two traps, Pink Glove! (He and Gnasher come out of the bush get the stick and string) Out You come! Now we'll find out who you really are!

Pink Glove: (pops out) Oh, okay.

Dennis: Get that mask off now!

Scene: The bookshelf from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". The Narrator is talking to the viewers.

Narrator: Well, viewers, who would you think it is?

Scene: The Pink Glove takes off the mask, revealing to be Walter's mother.

Walter: Mumsie? It's you!

Walter's Mum
Walter's Mother: Yes, little lamb. I didn't get back at Dennis for all the rough horrid treatments is giving you all these years.

(Gnasher laughs)

Dennis: Now that the Pink Glove is unmasked, I can get back to my normal menacing! Yeah!

Walter: Ooh-ah.

The End.

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