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George Moonie
File:George Moonie.jpg
Full Name George Moonie
Gender Male
Born 1914
Died March 2002
1st Editor of the Beano Comic
Period 1938-1959
Preceded By none
Succeeded By Harold Cramond

George Moonie (1915-2002) was the Beano's first editor. He was in this role for the first 22 years of its existence. He was just 23 when he became the editor, becoming the youngest editor in the Beano to date.

Young George joined DC Thomson as an office boy in 1930. He transferred to editorial, where he began his career on the story paper The Rover, later becoming chief sub-editor on The Wizard, and, in 1937, The Hotspur. The following year he was appointed the first editor of The Beano.