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Gnasher is Dennis the Menace's pet dog, best friend, and sidekick. He is a black-haired Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe Hound who often enjoys chewing and biting anyone and anything.


Gnasher is just as mischievous as Dennis, and is never seen without him. He often helps him with his menacing.

Gnasher also has a son called Gnipper and five daughters; Gnatasha, Gnanette, Gnancy, Gnaomi and Gnorah.

Gnasher's fur is so tough that not even scissors, garden shears or electric shavers are able to cut it. His teeth are also the toughest in Beanotown. That's why he likes to bite posties on the behind as a hobby.


Gnasher first appeared in a Dennis the Menace story, dated 31 August 1968: Dennis' Dad tells him that all dogs look like their owners, but Dennis doesn't believe him and runs off. However, upon seeing some people with lookalike dogs, he changes his mind. Then he sees a hairy dog who looks as menacing as him and they enter the dog show, causing mischief rather than winning. Gnasher proved to be popular that he became a supporting cover star for Dennis since 1974.


  • Gnasher gets his meaningful name from a British slang term for a pair of teeth.
  • Gnasher's most pized possession are his teeth.[6]
  • Gnasher's motto is "I gnash therefore I am".[7]
  • Gnasher is a super-rare Abyssinian Wire-haired Tripehound, and his teeth are the most likely strongest things known to science in The Beano universe.[8]
  • Gnasher is a descendant to a prehistoric creature called Gnashersaurus Rex.[9]
  • Gnasher's favourite food are sausages.[10]