Inside Beano No.3974

Beano (1938-2019)-2

1.Minnie is let loose on a film set, and acts like we all want to act on a film set: causing chaos and minxing mayhem, of course!

Diva actors, a gorilla costume and many, many explosions, Minnie the Minx is a tour de force!

2.Roger the Dodger… royalty?

Sounds like a perfectly awful match! It’s the ultimate dodge, and Roger is up to the challenge… or is he?

3.It’s school photo day, and the Bash Street Kids are unrecognisable! Fully decked out in their fresh clean uniforms, can they keep it together long enough for the photos to be taken?

But, you know what they say, the camera never lies! 

4.Walter has lain down his gauntlet (or water pistol) and ambushed Dennis.

He must plan his counter-attack carefully. Nobody takes on the Menace and gets away with it! 

5.In performing his crime-fighting duties, Bananaman has accidentally wrecked Bash Street School.

So, he has to put it back together again, in true Bananaman style of course. 

Next Week: Ever Get that Sinking Feeling?

Dennis and His Dad on a boat-Mischief ahoy!  

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