Minnie the Minx
Minnie Minx
Biographical Information
Full Name Hermione "Minnie" Makepeace[1]
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Red
Age 10
Job Student
Relatives George (father)
Vicky Makepeace (mother)
Michael, Martin, Mark, Morris, and Max (older brothers)
Production Information
First appearance The Beano #596 (19th December 1953)
Voiced by Kate Robbins (1993)

Minnie the Minx is a major character in The Beano and the star of the comic strip Minnie the Minx.


Minnie has shoulder-length red hair tied in pigtails (formerly braids) with red bows, a black beret with a red furball above it, a jumper with red and black stripes, a black scruffy skirt, black socks and grey trainers.

For her appearance over the years, see Minnie the Minx/Through the Years.


She is a tomboy who likes 'minxing' people, most notably Fatty Fudge. She has a cat called Chester.


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