Minnie the Minx
Minnie Minx
Full Name Minnie Makepeace[1]
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Red
Age 10
Job Student
Relatives Minnie's Dad
Minnie's Mum
Michael, Martin, Mark, Morris, and Max (older brothers)
First appearance Issue 596 (19th December 1953)

Minnie the Minx is a major character in The Beano and the star of the comic strip of the same name. She is a tomboy who likes 'minxing' people.

She has a pet cat named Chester and likes minxing Fatty Fudge, like Dennis does to Walter.


Minnie has shoulder-length red hair tied in pigtails (formerly braids) with red bows, a black beret with a red furball above it, a top with red and black stripes like Dennis, a black scruffy skirt, black socks and grey trainers.

Artists Edit

Leo Baxendale: 1953-1962

Jim Petrie: 1962-2001

Tom Paterson: 2001-2008

Ken Harrison: 2008-2012

Nigel Parkinson: 2012-

Gallery Edit

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