Minnie the Minx in Jelly Babies is the 3rd episode in the Beano Videostars.

Plot Edit

Minnie's favorite things that are green jelly babies then they are none left. The newsreader says that the prime minister said today that he never tolerates being gray and she turns into a jelly baby. A plane flies and it turns into a jelly baby, Minnie runs to tell Mrs. Ramsbottom and her baby. Suddenly, a baby was turning into a jelly baby.

Mrs. Blakeningsop exits the shop and she says thanks to Mrs. Walters at the grocery store. Minnie catches Parky's hat, so she puts a red jelly baby on his head to replace his hat. Minnie does not like the red ones, the bees do. Mrs. Blakeningsop runs to carry cabbages, so Minnie tells her that she's entering a green free zone. Mrs. Blakeningsop fills the cabbages into Minnie and says that her husband is fond of cabbage. Fatty Fudge with his son asks Mrs. Blakeningsop how to say good morning. The red Fatty Fudge has a nice new haircut and he says that he needs now is a belly full of jelly babies.

Minnie tells the red Fatty Fudge that she has terrible news, so the jelly babies make him gone bald and she sings a song. The red Fatty Fudge says that Minnie eats green jelly babies and has not gone bald, Mrs. Blakeningsop tells her that she doesn't think green free zones even exist. Minnie rushes over to tell Ken Bahn how to take her to Bash Street School. The red Fatty Fudge jumps into quick setting jelly and it lands on Minnie, Ken Bahn arrives to take her to Bash Street School.

Dennis' school teacher says that anyone likes green jelly babies, but Danny thinks Conrad is first and he likes some green jelly babies. Dennis tells Minnie that she's turning into a jelly baby. Dennis' school teacher and the Bash Street Kids hear the mother of Conrad and Sally coming to Bash Street School and they ran quickly. Mrs. Blakeningsop tells her kids that Minnie was turning into a jelly baby.




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