Pieface (2018)
Pie-Face in the 2018 Series
Biographical Information
Full Name Peter Shepherd[1]
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 10
Production Information
Voiced by Gary Martin (1996)
Nicky Jones (2009)
Ryan Sampson (2017)

Peter Shepherd, nicknamed Pie-Face, is one of Dennis the Menace's best friends who lives in Beanotown (along with Curly).

He is the owner of Paul the Potato.


Originally he had a bald head, a green jumper, orange trousers and blue trainers.

In 2009, he wore a green t-shirt, khaki shorts, white socks and brown trainers.

In 2017, he was redesigned again. He now has a full head of brown hair, and wears a green jumper, a yellow beanie and khaki pants.


Pieface got his nickname because of his love of pies. His favourite pies include meat pies, fish pies, cream pies and so on. He once created a Pie Pie, which is a pie with a pie flavor.

He can be pretty dimwitted at times.


  • His real name was originally Kevin.


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