Algernon "Spotty" Perkins
Spotty Perkins
Spotty Perkins singing in a choir
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 10
Job Student
First appearance 1975

Algernon "Spotty" Perkins is one of Walter the Softy's two best friends, the other being Bertie Blenkinsop. He has slicked brown hair and has spots all over his face (hence his nickname). These spots may indicate that, unlike his friends and his arch-enemy Dennis the Menace, he has actually hit puberty. This would give him a strength advantage in any fight, but he is far too cowardly/pacific (according to reader's point of view) for any sort of confrontation.

Appearance Edit

He has bald hair, a purple shirt with a green stripe on the bottom, brown pants, green socks and blue shoes.