Teacher has a big red nose
Full Name Algernon 'Big Nose' Cringeworthy
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 50
Job Teacher
Relatives Cuthbert (son)
Mrs. Cringeworthy (wife)
First appearance Beano Annual 1960

Algernon John Cringeworthy is a staff member at Bash Street School and Classes 1A & 2B's long-suffering teacher and the dad of Cuthbert Cringeworthy, the school swot of Bash Street. His first name Algernon was revealed in a 1970's The Beano Summer Special.

He always wears a mortar board and has a domineering wife, Mrs. Teacher. Most (if not all) people related to him look uncannily similar to him, including his wife (which raises the disturbing possibility that Teacher has actually married his own sister). He drives an old broken car, which is often used by the Kids in their exploits and often wrecked. He is married to Arabella Cringeworthy (aka Cuthbert's mum).


He has a black and white hat, glasses, bald hair with black hair, a blue vest, a yellow shirt, a tie with black and white stripes, a red coat with patches, black pants and brown shoes.


  • Teacher's home has mortarboards on top of the gateposts.